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Your Experts

Barbara Buckley
Jackie DiMascio
Reija Eden
Cynthia Englett
Stefanie Frank
Wade Hinderks
Deborah Skye King

Denise Marinacci
Jane Morrison
Gina Nieves
Kirk Prine & Donny Lobree
Nilda Perez
Kevra Unger
Rodney Washington
Lindsay Wilson

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Your privacy and email address are safe with me.

I'll admit it. When I began my business I needed to make money. Now it's become about much more. The sanity and the wisdom of the business I do is crucial to me. I'm incredibly proud to present you the opportunity to spend time with a group of entrepreneurs that embody all that is Wealthy, Healthy and Wise. I can't wait to learn from them! And, when you register, you have the chance to win a free ticket to my upcoming event. This is not your normal telesummit. This is game changing.

What People are Saying

$500 million in sales & 300 years of experience? I can't wait to hear these speakers.
- Mike Michalowicz,

Lindsay's last summit was full of amazing content. I can't wait to listen this year!
- Sarah Shaw,

Last year's summit was jam packed with actionable take-aways. I can't wait!
- Erin Huggins,

What You'll Receive

Expert #1
Barbara Buckley


  • Find the three ways shame is holding you back from full success in business and life.
  • The one thing you need to know to transform your relationship with shame NOW!
  • Gain a technique for interrupting your shame pattern at any time.

Barbara Buckley is on a mission to really transform people's relationship with their shame. She is a workshop leader, coach, Body Story Expert®, and modern day wise woman whose compassionate guidance, deep listening, and refined intuition get to the root of what holds people back from anything less than full embodied aliveness. Mid-way through her first career as a clinical social worker counseling women with cancer, Barbara realized a powerful truth that radically transformed her relationship with her body and her life: The body you have today is the only body you have today. "Finally releasing my shame and ending the war with my body, with my sexuality, and with my own true nature, I stopped living other people's agendas and surrendered to the heart of my own deepest passion and purpose."

Expert #2
Jackie DiMascio


  • Immediately boost your sales directly through your social media.
  • Generate more clients with a couple quick tips.
  • Spend less time on your social media while increasing income.

By hiring Jackie O to do their online presence, businesses gain more time to do what they do best, cultivate direct communication with their target market and make more money! Jackie O has been helping others to uniquely express themselves since she was a little girl. With paints, letters, markers, paper, clay whatever was nearby, she would broadcast her message to the world. As an adult, she took that to the next level by designing for superpower magazines in New York and one of the world's leading children's publishers. After 22 years, Jackie O still gets to the meat of the point, focusing on the client's pure essence for her broadcast, whether it be social media, advertising, or graphics. Jackie O has mastered verbal and visual to bring your modern business to the party! Jackie O has received numerous awards & honors including the Ozzie Educational Print award & Web design awards.

Expert #3
Reija Eden


  • Get a chance to purchase fabulous handcrafted jewelry at 20% off by listening!
  • Learn top secrets on how to secure the best mortgage.

Reija Eden is a stay at home mom of 3 children who left the corporate world to stay home with her children and start a company doing what she loves to do which is to design and create jewelry. She's always been into fashion and design and her previous job as a mortgage business to business sales consultant didn't allow me to put that interest into practice. She's always been very crafty and her first creations were Barbie clothes she used to make when she was a little girl. Reija also own sa beauty website called that has over 1.3M page views. She likes to help people and donates to various children's and women's organizations through my jewelry company. She just recently received my own mortgage broker's license which she will use to help people find the best possible loan options. It will now be another way for Reija to be able to help people better their lives!

Expert #4
Cynthia Englett


  • How to clearly design your health goal for optimal success.
  • 5 key strategies to increase your energy, decrease your waistline and have you feeling fabulous.
  • How to keep your promises with yourself so you stay on track.

Cynthia Englett is a Nutritional and Lifestyle Design Rockstar who gets her clients real results. For the past 15 years she has been providing entrepreneurs and artists with solution oriented programs for ultimate wellness. She sees her clients as unique individuals that can create powerful shifts when given the proper tools. She has worked with people from all over the world to release weight, rebuild energy, balance hormones and get to the root of many other health challenges. Working from the inside out she empowers you to create lasting changes that help your body keep up with you business. Her clients are inspired by her passion, creativity, warmth and humor. She guides you through when you tired of trying to figure it out on your own and shows you how to create an amazing life.

Expert #5
Stefanie Frank


  • Receive tips & action steps you can implement in your writing starting now!
  • Learn the secret to how to write all your first drafts and why it's the most
    important part of writing any type of copy (you can use it, too, starting right away).
  • Look at your writing in a new, more inspiring way.

Stef writes sales and lead generating copy for small independently owned service based businesses.Using her training in direct response copywriting, white paper writing, and 11+ years of advocacy experience as a litigation attorney, she makes writing easy for business owners! Stef's work has helped clients score sought after speaking gigs, pull in attendees at live events, and helped one entrepreneur close $30,000 of business in one month! Her intuitive and practical approach to interviewing draws the best information out of her clients (and their clients, and subject matter experts) to create original, solution based writing that her clients love. Stef has been told 'I could never have written this myself' by many happy clients. She's also been called 'ruthless, but in a compassionate way.' Stef leaves no stone unturned when writing for clients or when coaching clients to write for their own business.

Expert #6
Wade Hinderks


  • Learn the fastest way to discover cash flow opportunities.
  • Bypass your greatest abundance blocks.
  • How to make a quantum leap in your business.

Wade Hinderks gets people results! He's been known to grow client's businesses by $150k in under six hours. Wade is the President of Strategy and Success Solutions, an international speaker and advisor to many high level business owners. He is a additionally a top expert in Business Exit Strategy and Mindset Mastery. He provides a variety of educational tools and support to help you reach your true potential.

Expert #7
Deborah Skye King


  • Get clarity on what your purpose is and how to share it via an online business
    based on soul engagement principles.
  • How to make money doing what you love and be financially rewarded.
  • Stop worry and struggle by aligning to your core values and release anxiety and
    stress by setting clear boundaries around your goals and how to achieve them.

Deborah Skye King solves people's pain and suffering, she guarantees results. For over 20 years she has been creating change from the inside out by connecting her clients to their Soul purpose, releasing core issues that block success and alleviate insecurities and worry. She provides business breakthroughs with rapid results, radical shifts in mindset, integrating spirituality with core values, empowering female entrepreneurs to take bold strides in soulful marketing approaches that enable her clients to live in freedom and serve the world from a courageous place of confidence and clarity. She provides a platform to live from your truth, step into your leadership with a solid foundation for abundant growth and financial prosperity. Her Soul Engagement Principles for Female Entrepreneurs is regarded as the top program of choice for Heartfelt & Soul Empowered Women Globally who are seeking a Coach who embodies the marketing, mindset and spirituality to empower them to success in life and business. 14 years of online marketing, branding, SEO, website design, creating high end programs for her clients, product launches and building their list, Deborah Skye provides a spiritual connection that brings a whole new insight to how she teaches her clients to market, she is sought out globally by women who are ready to embody their purpose, create a successful internet business and lead a life of financial and emotional wealth.

Expert #8
Denise Marinacci


  • Amp up Income & Plug leaking revenue.
  • Calm the fear of doing the wrong thing.
  • Streamline systems.

Denise Marinacci, owner of Flaunt Financial, creates Radical Revenue Results for women business owners. With over 30 years experience working in small business, she understands the challenges entrepreneurs face. Denise's innovative strategies get big results - increased profits by 45% with two new and diverse revenue streams. As the rock star CFO on the Go, Denise is revolutionizing the way women view money and business. With her past personal and professional experiences she knows that to expand your cash you must expand your consciousness and courage. She brings empathy, understanding, and results to any business. Flaunt Financial provides two distinct tracks for overwhelmed women business owners. The CFO on the Go Packages support busy owners who want to outsource their finances. For the do-it-yourselfers, Flaunt Financial provides bookkeeping and business education through online training videos, downloadable guides, and private coaching sessions.

Expert #9
Jane Morrison


  • Understand What All the Hype is About Branding and Why it's Critical to Your Business Success.
  • Discover the 7 KEY Elements to Successful Branding.
  • Learn the #1 Most Important SECRET to Know if you've FINALLY Branded Yourself Successfully.

Jane Morrison, a passionate and extremely talented Coach, moves you from overwhelm and confusion, to clarity, confidence and an abundance of clients! As a Personal and Business Branding Expert, her intuitive style and skilled strategies create the vision of your business. She polishes and brings together your gifts, talents and target market so you can finally move forward, do the work you love, and market with ease. Her clients rave about working less AND more than doubling their income after repositiong in the marketplace. With 20 + years of experience and knowledge of business development, you'll "step into your power" and become a sought after expert in your field. You'll stop being scattered and too much to too many, and no longer have difficulty explaining what you do. Her clients are amazed at how quickly she gets to the heart of the matter, listens and shares her wisdom for dramatic results. Take her up on her offer of a complimentary visioning session, at

Expert #10
Gina Nieves


  • Find out the secret to getting the top of Google, in 5 minutes, for $20!.
  • Learn the one thing you must know to make people take the action you want on your website.
  • PLUS Your web designer knows why you are not making sales and they're not telling you.
    I will tell you what they're not!

Gina Nieves is an expert at getting increased sales through websites. Since founding MarkNet, she has overseen the design of 500 websites and $30 million in sales. She increases clients' sales by focusing on design that gets results, search engine marketing, Social Media Press Releases and crafting high converting sales pages. A WordPress expert, her company has built large scale WordPress sites that have been featured worldwide. Gina is known for her integrity and treating client's businesses as her own. A recent client said: "Gina gets people through difficult, technological situations and creates positive outcomes in a way that makes you feel safe." She is a sought after speaker for conferences, workshops, webinars and with WordCamp. Her most recent presentation "$20, 5 Minutes, First Page of Google" at Transform Your Business! in LA received rave reviews. She is preparing to teach her techniques in an upcoming virtual class. For more details contact

Expert #11
Kirk Prine & Donny Lobree


  • Discover that your mindset in not just between your ears, it's in your body.
  • Understand what a Body Story TM is and how it affects your business.
  • Gain a tool to transform a body story that is holding you back.

Dr. Kirk Prine and Donny Lobree are Body Story Experts and founders of The Missing Thread, a company designed to facilitate an experience of more abundance in your life by clearing what we call "body stories"™ that no longer serve you. We are known in entrepreneurial circles of healers and change agents as "master healers". The impact of our work has to do with inviting you into an an experience of freedom , rather than old modalities of "fixing you". The results of guiding you to do your own work through the body is both, accelerated in speed and provides a solid foundation for more permanent change to take place. Healings in bodies, changes in relationships, increase in a satisfying business and more prosperity often are manifestation of changing the stories held in your body. Thus, the nature of our work is ultimately to help "activate your purpose", which changes everything.

Expert #12
Nilda Perez


  • Learn to develop a relationship with potential clients.
  • The importance of building trust with your client.
  • Develop educational opportunities for your buyers.

Nilda provides value! Her strength is combining spiritual principles with business concepts and gives techniques for real results. Working with Nilda, recent clients have experienced: a $10,000 increase in salary, a promotion with a $80,000 salary increase and the emergence of a TV production company. Nilda has 16 years experience in behavioral health and in leadership roles. Her experience in behavioral health and as life coach, trainer, consultant and entrepreneur along with spiritual concepts are threaded to create results. Nilda helps clients succeed!

Expert #13
Kevra Unger


  • Have practical tools to do every day to keep you focused on the big picture and cash flow & not in the busy work!
  • Keep yourself on track and away from the ‘shiny objects’ so you stay true to yourself and your mission
  • The number one mistake I see women making that stops all income from coming in (hint: you wouldn’t guess this one comes from an accountant’s mouth!)

Kevra triples women's incomes. She is masterful at taking a high 5-figure businesses and turning them into multiple 6-figure businesses. Kevra is committed to empowering each and everyone woman to heal the shame around money in their lives through their businesses. In addition to her traditional accounting practice, she works with primarily women entrepreneurs in breaking their own financial goals and serving more people, all the while staying true to their gifts, spirit and creativity. Kevra is passionate about showing each and every woman entrepreneur they have the ability to learn business AND see how it fits perfectly with their gifts creating THEIR 6-figure lifestyle. She does this by blending practical business tools with her Heal the Your Shame Around Money system that's easy to implement and creates fast results.

Expert #14
Rodney Washington


  • Learn the importance of creating a big personal vision for your business.
  • Find hidden money in their businesses.
  • Increase your sales by valuing the importance of your story.

Rodney makes artists money! With a 20+ year background as a photographer, artist, author, trainer and entrepreneur mentor Rodney helps artists and creative entrepreneurs generate more money with greater freedom and ease. He uses his keen insights to connect the dots and find income opportunities often hidden in plain sight, then constructs an action plan that gets results. Recent Results include: finding a hidden income stream for an over-worked coach that generates more than $10k a month, oversaw the production and launch of a national food blog and magazine that secured sponsorship from a major cable network and attracted over 3000 new Facebook followers in less than 60 days, and mentoring a talented illustrator & animals rights activist transforming her portfolio into a successfully published children's book, party planning service and product line. Rodney's clients say that his warm personality and fatherly-like mentoring inspires and brings a person's inward creativity out.

Expert #15
Lindsay Wilson


  • Make Sales Through Social Media with a Simple 3 Step Process.
  • The 1 Secret to Hi-End Sales.
  • Get More Clients Any Time You'd Like!.

Lindsay Wilson is a business strategist that generates income. She spent 20 years in sales development and management in places as diverse as Madison Avenue, NY’s design centers and real estate. Her common denominator was results — overseeing $40 million worth of sales. She founded Social Media Heaven, which has connected over 250,000 people to increase businesses sales. Lindsay now mentors many multi-million dollar entrepreneurs, and also a strong group of startups.

Recent results include increasing repeat business for a company by 348%, a 100% increase in a well-established email list size in one week and selling (with 48 hours notice) $15k in an hour using new media techniques. She graduated from NYU and most importantly has a good heart and is passionate about helping people succeed!